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Since 1932, Lotus Biscoff has been Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee. Delectably crunchy, with a unique taste and refined flavor, Lotus Biscoff is perfect for taking the timeout that you deserve. The unique taste stems from the sugar’s caramelization during the baking process, with a hint of cinnamon and other spices that add something special.

Imported from Europe, Lotus Biscoff Cookies can be enjoyed by themselves or complemented with a cup of coffee.

Stuart Alexander & Co. has managed the marketing, sales and distribution of the Lotus range throughout Australia since 2018.

Did you know?

Lotus Biscoff Cookies are a type of shortcrust biscuit known as “speculoos,” a Belgian specialty. Speculoos continue to hold a lofty position in Belgian culture - every fifth cookie enjoyed in Belgium is a speculoos (Biscoff).