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In 1905, Thomas Fentiman, an iron puddler from Cleckheaton, England was approached by a fellow tradesman for a loan. A deal was struck and a recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer was provided as security. The loan was never repaid so Thomas became the owner of the unique recipe.

Over 100 years since Fentimans started brewing botanical drinks the business is still in the Fentimans family and is owned by the Great Grandson of Thomas Fentiman. Fentimans continue to make delicious natural beverages by the multi-stage botanical brewing technique. Their process have been updated but the one thing that has not changed is the superior quality and unsurpassed taste of their drinks.

Stuart Alexander is proud to represent this award winning artisanal beverage.

Did you know?

It takes 7 days to make these drinks and the process has hardly changed in over 100 years!