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Annas Thins is a global Swedish classic.

The foundations for Annas were laid way back in 1929 with the home bakery founded by two sisters, Anna and Emma Karlsson, in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. The sisters enjoyed great success with the ginger thins and other small pastries they baked, and the business was eventually sold to the Mattsson family in the mid-1960s. In November 2008, the company was bought up by the Belgian family-owned company, Lotus Bakeries, and Annas now has a presence in over 20 different countries, with a massive 60 per cent of production being exported.

Annas master bakers use the finest ingredients and continue to follow the original Swedish recipe.

Stuart Alexander & Co. has managed the marketing, sales and distribution of the Lotus range throughout Australia since 2018.

Did you know?

Annas has been appointed purveyor to His Majesty the King of Sweden. The title purveyor “To His Majesty the King” has become a symbol for Swedish quality, clear proof that a company's products are appreciated from palace to cabin.