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Hershey was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894, who aimed to create a milk chocolate that was both affordable & great-tasting. When inventing Hershey, Milton developed a unique formula using the secret “Hershey process”, which became an instant hit throughout America and the world.

Today, Hershey is a world leading confectionery brand with products across chocolate, syrups and baking. Hershey brings its mouth-watering deliciousness to over 90 countries.

Did you know?

The Hershey empire is built on a fourth-grade education! The Hershey family moved around a lot when Milton was a kid, which meant that he frequently changed schools. After Hershey finished the fourth grade, his parents decided that it was time for the young man to learn a trade. He began an apprenticeship with a printer but hated it, and in 1872 he began working for a confectioner in Lancaster, Penn.