Peachtree Liqueur

The unprecedented success of Peachtree was obvious at its launch in 1984, when 13 million bottles were sold within 10 months. Today Peachtree is the most sold peach liqueur worldwide selling in over 100 countries.

The story began with a man pruning his peach trees in Georgia in the early 1980s. The gentleman in question was Earl LaRoe, a flavour scientist for National Distillers. Before the prohibition era in the USA (1920-1933), De Kuyper made an agreement with National Distillers regarding sales of De Kuyper products in the US, and they set up a joint production facility in New Jersey. National Distillers asked Earl LaRoe to help develop a lighter, sweeter, lower-proof product. It was the peach trees in his garden that gave him the idea for the flavour. Peachtree was released in the early autumn of 1984. They were the first to develop a liqueur that has the taste and smell of ripe peaches, hence the official name is the Original Peachtree. The liqueur is made using a well-balanced recipe, and due to its distillation the liquid is crystal clear.

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