A delicious drink that gives bees a boost AND is genuinely sustainable? Say hello to Avallen Calvados! The brand founders have two clear missions: to save wild bee populations around the world and to be the world’s most planet-positive spirit brand. Avallen Calvados is a brand with sustainability at its very core, even the bottle’s label has even been printed on recycled apple pulp paper! The production story is a tasty one, too: The liquid is made with nothing but apples, water and time – aged for only two years in French oak barrels to ensure it is fresh, crisp and unapologetically apple forward.  The whole process is natural, using only wild yeast present on the apple skins and with no added sugar, caramel or boisé – ensuring a 100% natural product. Appealing to everyone from gin drinkers when served long with tonic, or even fruity cocktail fans, Avallen is perfect for mixing, as a refreshing spritz, or simply for sipping.

Avallen is ‘Climate Positive’ (carbon negative) by 2.73kg per bottle through its production process, with no offsetting required. Each bottle only uses 1.2L of water to produce; this is 70-95% less than benchmark spirits. As members of 1% for the Planet, Avallen gives 1% of everything it sells to environmental and social initiatives. Bee More, Drink Avallen.

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